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The freedom that comes with biking is unparalleled. They’re versatile, simple, fast, and an excellent way to get exercise. The one place that bikes fall short, however, is their capacity to carry cargo. There’s only so much that will fit comfortably on riders back, and the versatility is compromised with any significant load. Fortunately for bikers, there is a style of self-propelled a vehicle that retains the much-loved flexibility and simplicity while adding a larger carrying capacity. Cargo bikes, also known as freight bicycles, are a fantastic option for a simple urban life.



Since bikes became commonplace in the early 20th century, they’ve been used for transport. Modified bikes have been used to move produce, fuel, mail, and people for over one hundred years. After the industrial boom and the popularity and availability of motorized transportation after World War II, bicycles fell out of favor in the industrialized world. They finally saw a resurgence later in the century due to the rise of the environmental movement, and in the 1990’s manufacturers started producing a wider variety of bicycles, meant for more than exercise or entertainment. I will give you choices to choose a bike as your own or a gift, contact Clevers Cycles.



Cycle Truck

Picture of Cycle TruckA cycle track is a bicycle with a front wheel that is smaller than the rear wheel. This design allows for storage and transport of items in a platform or basket on the front, with more room for larger items. They are not terribly common, but they are very popular among hobbyists who find them relatively simple to build and ride.


Butchers Bike

The butchers bike (or bakers bike) was used in the early part of the 20th century to transport goods. In spite of the name, this variety of delivery bicycle was used by a wide range of trades. It’s very similar in design to the cycle truck, with a large basket on the front of the bike. Often, they would also include a sign advertising the business in question. They were very popular in the UK, where they are still used for mail service in some areas.


Long John

The long john is another advancement in the design of the cycle truck. It too has the storage area in front with a smaller wheel than in the rear. The difference with this design though is that it has a very long built in storage space between the rider and the bike. This area makes it ideal for large or heavy loads. The long john is not common today, but, like the other varieties of cycle tracks, it was highly popular before World War II.



The most common cargo bike in the 21st century is most certainly the longtail. The environmental movement that gave these bikes a resurgence hit a fever pitch in the 1990s and manufacturers primarily featured this design, due to the ease and control are given to riders. The production increased in the late 2000s when famous bicycle company Surly introduced a new product, featuring the long tail style. This particular bike has been ubiquitous in urban environments in the last five years or so and is especially popular with environmentalists. For more information check out the new products brompton bicycles.



As mentioned above, these versatile machines are still used commonly for food delivery. Many people have seen a bike with an ice cream freezer in the front. In addition to food, the most common use is for people. The trailers for family bike rides are ubiquitous, filled with giggling children, and more recently there’s been an uptick in bikes with a passenger area in the front. Apart from that, these workhorses can be used for virtually anything, from returning recycling to moving.

From business to a utility vehicle, the bicycle has transformed the urban landscape. In the same way, that a truck frees the owner to do their work, a cargo bike frees the rider from trying to ride the line between practical and efficient.

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