How Tesla Batteries Are Set To Revolutionize Power Generation & Storage

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Elon Musk CEO of Tesla incorporated has been hailed as a technological visionary – a man who has revolutionized the electric car industry and set his sights of the stars as CEO of private space flight company SpaceX. Musk is determined to upend the status quo of private power generation with Tesla batteries that would allow homeowners and businesses to remove themselves from the grid.

At the heart of the project is what Musk calls the ‘Powerwall’ a series of revolutionary Tesla batteries that can be installed by the homeowner themselves. In essence these are large Lithium Ion batteries that were designed to supply the home with power when linked up to a solar array. The initial offerings from Tesla were designed to provide a backup system when the home suffered from power outages or when peak demand meant that there simply wasn’t enough electricity to go around.

The Powerwall would charge during the day and store the energy for these periods. However Musk now envisions a world where homeowners can cut themselves off from the grid completely and be provided with clean energy at a fraction of the price of the electricity provided by mainstream suppliers. The Powerwall is a vital component of Musk’d vision which is to supply sustainable energy and move the world away from a reliance on fossil fuels. The Powerwall has been developed by Tesla due to the company’s leading edge development of batteries which have been used in the tremendously successful range of Tesla motor vehicles.

The attractiveness of the Powerwall solar battery for homeowners is based on the fact that it can installed relatively easily, it provides useful backup power, it has impeccable green credential and possibly most importantly it is a low cost, low impact alternative to solutions such as diesel and gas generators which have traditionally been used as backup systems. The units were first produced in the company’s California factory, however a giant new factory opened in Nevada in 2017 and production has ramped up since the. With the launch of this system Tesla has firmly cemented its place in the energy production and storage business. It is a company that has built a sold reputation for innovation and it appears that with Elon Musk at the held it will continue down this path and provide the innovation that will truly revolutionize power generation in the coming years and decades.

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