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From your closest friends to your next door neighbor, and from your parents and in-laws to your long lost cousins, they all currently share one burning question – is it a boy or a girl?

Indeed from the moment you first announced the magical news that you were pregnant and got your ultrasound fromĀ View A Miracle Ultrasound Company, the debates began. Your aunt is convinced a beautiful baby girl is on her way, your mother-in-law out-rightly disputes the idea, giving countless reasons why her boy-theory is in action!

It looks like it’s time to start planning your gender reveal party, after all not everyone can be right (unless the pitter-patter of more than one set of tiny feet is on its way!)

Much as you are excited beyond measure to share the exciting secret of your baby’s gender with family and friends, the idea of planning and holding a party may seem like the last thing on your mind at the moment. Pregnancy is wonderful of course, but it can well and truly zap your energy. Putting your feet up with a cup of tea may sound more appealing right now than planning guest lists, food and entertainment.

That’s why we have prepared the following great gender party reveal ideas. Now you can focus all of your energy on the precious little life growing inside of you, and let the following fun and creative ideas do the hard work for you.

Invite Your Guests To Wear Their Guess!

With that unanswered question hanging in mid-air, gender reveal parties are always buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Add a large handful of fun to the atmosphere by requesting that your guests come to the party wearing their guess. So if you’re aunt is sure you’re having a girl, she’s going to come in her pink Sunday best. A mother-in-law certain of a new grandson will turn up head to toe in blue!

Old Wives’ Tales Don’t Have To Be For Old Wives!

People the world over love trying to predict the gender of a baby by using one of the countless old wives’ tales. Is there any truth in them? Your party could be a good way to find out! Ask one of the party-goers, perhaps your mum, to research some of the most common tales and prepare a list of questions based on them. Expect to be asked questions about your skin, sleeping patterns, eating habits, bathroom habits, and so on! Have someone record how many point to a boy and how many suggest a girl. After the big reveal, your guests can decide how much truth lies in those numerous old wives’ tales.

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Cherish The Memories Of The Reveal

When it comes to how you will actually reveal the gender of your precious little cargo to your party-goers, the choice is endless. You may go for the surprise cake-filling, the box of balloons, or the sibling (or dog if it’s your first baby!) wearing a secret-revealing t-shirt. Whichever way you decide on, be sure to have a friend designated to capture every magical moment.

Being pregnant is one of life’s most special experiences, but it can be exhausting too! By following the above gender reveal party ideas you can enjoy a fun and exciting day, whilst pouring all of your energy and efforts into the precious little life that is just waiting to meet you!

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